Danielle Wilke 2025

About Me


Hello! My name is Danielle Wilke. I’m a high school volleyball player, and I live in Palmer Lake, Colorado.  I graduate high school in 2025.

I’m a 6’3.5″ tall, left-handed RS/OPP hitter. I play at the Colorado Juniors volleyball club and also for my Palmer Ridge High School team.  I wish to earn a scholarship to play college volleyball for a competitive team.

My hobbies outside of volleyball include hiking, skiing, lifting, and paddle boarding at local lakes.

I look forward to meeting you! D


High School GPA

College Majors I’m Considering:
Industrial Design   |   Pre-Architecture   |   Interior Design

Player Goals

  • Earn a scholarship to play volleyball at the collegiate level for a competitive team.
  • Improve my vertical jump.
  • Maintain a high GPA in high school and college.


I’m a right side hitter and I love to block and hit a variety of shots. During my years in club volleyball, I’ve improved most on blocking and hitting line shots. This can be accredited to the extra hours I put in the gym outside of practice by lifting, and getting extra reps in the gym. 


Athlete Mindset

Below are my results from completing the “Ryzer Mindset TAP” athlete assessment test 


Hobbies & Interests

Some of my hobbies and interests include hiking, skiing, baking, shopping with friends, reading, and paddle boarding on the local lakes here in Colorado!

Red Cross Award - 2019 Youth

Red Cross Announces Hero Award for 2019 Colorado Springs Hometown Heroes Dinner

Youth Hero – Seven 6th graders at Palmer Lake Elementary School have made the world a friendlier and more accessible place for a fellow student who suffers from Selective Mutism resulting from severe social anxiety. In the spirit of compassion and kindness, and without prompting from school staff, these young ladies have stepped up to help every day. They accompany the new student, at her pace, between classes. They sit with her at lunch. They include her in group projects. Constant and patient peer support has kept a challenged friend on track to complete her 6th grade education. Thanks to Tayla Bertrand, MaKayla Coates, Greta Penner, Arianna Ponce, Emery Roher, Kate Ulmer, and Danielle Wilke.